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Shinning service with no intermission

Sales and maintenance of stage lighting equipment, such as :

- Stage Spotlights, Del , programmable projectors , consoles, fog machines , dimmers and several other stage lighting equipment.
Sale Option
We can rent you some equipment on a lease to buy option.

All of our projects are "turnkey". As soon you have a project, we can offer various alternatives based upon your budget and also taking into consideration your existing installation we can upgrade, change or do the appropriate modifications.

We will adapt the work needed to be done based upon your schedule i.e. the project can be done in phases or on fast-track basis. We will also work in collaboration with your own electricians.

Upgrade of your lighting systems
Unless you need to change your whole system, we can offer various alternatives that will allow you to save money.

We can offer partial replacement that will upgrade your system for an older technology to a newer one. If you prefer we can proceed in changing your complete system.

After sales service
We offer professional after sale service. We will make sure that the manufacturer warranties are respected.

We offer on-site training. All new equipment installed comes with a basic training program.

Stage lighting system (all kinds)
We have a large inventory of older components that can allow us to repair your existing system; this gives you the flexibility to limit expenses until the appropriate budgets are approved for a partial or complete system change. Our long term experience in the industry gives us the opportunity to repair systems that are 30 years and older.

We also take care of all the new equipment as consoles, dimmers, projectors and all other stage lighting products.

Stage projectors
We specialize in rebuilding your old stage projectors; our inventory of older pieces allows us to repair almost every kind of projector. We are also able to repair new technology LED projectors, moving heads or others.

Maintenance contract
We can offer many types of preventive maintenance contracts from annual contracts to other types of contracts for your stage lighting systems. If needed, we can also temporarily lend some equipment for the length of the repair period.
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