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Shinning service with no intermission
Pandemic - ProScène Dauphinais !

ProScene is proud to help Quebec during the Covit-19 pandemic. Our company can provide hospital curtains and track systems, as well as all tytes of health uniforms. All these products are made in Quebec.

Thanks to all our front line heroes for theist direct or indirect efforts during this Covit-19 crisis. Thank you again.

Draperies Commerciales

ProScène Dauphinais is proud to announce that we have purchased Draperies Commerciales to better serve you.

Draperies Commerciales specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of recognized products for window covering.

We make flat pleat header, jute backing, conceiled button-holes and more! Commercial Draperies is also recognized by most hospitals, school boards and government buildings.
New Headquarters ProScène Dauphinais

The head office of ProScène Dauphinais Inc. has moved to: 10624 Brunet Avenue Montreal-Nord Qc H1G 5E2


ProScene Dauphinais offers you a personalized sales service for your stage lighting systems and the repair and maintenance of your systems. We sell equipment such as consoles, stage projectors, DEL projectors, moving head projectors, dimmers and all other stage lighting equipment. We offer turnkey projects based on our knowledge and our long term experience.

We also offer to clean, repair and apply a fire retardant on your stage curtains, stage sets and all other materials that needs protection against fire.

  • Personalized service
  • Large inventory of various models (older and newer)
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Project management
  • Competitive process
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable flame retardant products
  • Member of different industry Association
  • Safety

Velvet Moustache

Fire retardant treatment on a cardboard stand.

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