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Being in the show business for many years, Gilles Dauphinais, the actual owner decided to build on his expertise. As a gaffer, directeur technique, electrician he established his own business in the stage lighting systems maintenance and repair. Indeed ProScene Dauphinais (formerly well known under the name of Electro Gilles M. Dauphinais Inc.)

Gilles Dauphinais, the owner, has been in the show business for many years and decided to build on the expertise acquired. As a lighting engineer, technical director and electrician, he decided to go a step further and start his own business (formerly known as Gilles M. Dauphinais Inc.) related to the maintenance, replacement and repair of stage lighting systems.

Over the years, we have succeeded by offering a personalized service and excellent quality. The business started with the maintenance and repair of stage lighting systems. Later on, we added stage lighting products like consoles, dimmers, different kinds of projectors and all products for stage lighting. In order to respond to growing customer requests, we developed a new market area in offering maintenance and repairs of stage projectors. Preventive maintenance on projectors improves their efficiency, makes them safer, increases their life expectancy and reduces risk related to down time.

ProScene Dauphinais continues to innovate by adding complementary services related stage curtains (cleaning, repair, and fire retardant application). We also offer fire retardant service to other type of materials like textile, stage accessories and others. We issue a Certificate of compliance in accordance with all rules and regulations in your area.


Our mission statement is to continue to grow while maintaining a personalized service that allows us to distinguish ourselves from the competition. Support our customers with their projects while taking into account new technologies, budgetary restrictions and timeline of realisation. This will be done while maintaining an excellent after sales service.


Our technicians are specialized in the installation of lighting systems and have many years of experience. They have their electrician license to make sure that the work will be done in conformity with good business practices and also insure that the work is done securely. They follow various international congresses to maintain the highest standards in the market while offering the best products available and new technology. You can count on us to meet the highest standards.

National Fire Protection Association
Member of ATPIQ
Member of ACSIQ
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